Nov 26th 2021

Making Progress

It has been a hard long road and we appreciate anyone who has followed our efforts.  Today is 11/26/2021 and our goal back in May 2021 when we launched this site was to have all our vendor items barcoded so we could uploaded them for you to browse here.  We are 80% completed and don't have much further to go!  Getting over 150+ vendors to agree to a new format has turned in to what I thought it would be.  We lost many vendors who just didn't see our new vision.  6 months later, we have made many strides and have managed to make not only your check out time better, but hopefully your online experience better for a Co-op.

Please continue to be patient and keep stopping in to the store to browse the many items that are not yet on this site, but will be once we get all our vendors using barcodes!